Junior Program

Practice Program Will Include

Week 1 – INTRO
  • Swing- Wedge Combine (30-100 yards), Approach test (100-150 yards), Long Range/Driver (150-250 yards)
  • 10 balls with 9iron, 6 iron, Hybrid and Driver
  • Looking at swing direction, Launch direction and Face Angle
  • Breakdown equation to see where each player stands
  • Putting – Ruler Drills – 10 balls from 3 ft, 6ft and 9ft
  • 18 ball grid – how many attempts to complete, set goal using laser for alignment
Following Weeks
 Focus on Swing Mechanics
  • Trackman Range – Can hit balls to pins from any yardage, any wind condition, over any obstacle
  • Playing holes/matches using Trackman golf
  • Focus on Swing equation, Swing direction, Launch direction and face angle
  • Competitive Golf
  • Sams Putt Lab

Available Options

Option 1

12 PM – 3 PM
Program Cost:

Option 2

Monday,Tuesday or Thursday
4 PM – 6 PM (4 Hours per week)
Program Cost:

Included in Monthly Membership

6 hours of Bay time per month
10% discount on TaylorMade Equipment

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